In addition to offering acupuncture, Amanda Ballas practices Acu-yoga as a treatment option. Acu-yoga uses Yoga as medicine in a clinical setting through thoughtful and reflective yoga to promote both physical and mental well-being.

Acu-yoga blends the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and yoga therapy into a self-care formula anyone can use. Years ago, the founder, Michael Reed Gach, realized that yoga poses naturally stimulate specific meridians (invisible channels in the body through which chi circulates), which can lead to healing. Once you learn which poses correlate to which acupuncture/acupressure points, you can press these areas while in the poses to get an amazing healing effect, as well as combining Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture treatment before or after the yoga session.

Using Yoga as medicine can help people with virtually any health condition, physical or psychological. It involves the selective use of various yoga tools — such as poses, breathing techniques, relaxation exercises and meditation, as well as dietary and lifestyle advice. Because people’s health and fitness vary, poses are often modified or the use of props is initiated to make the practices safe and effective. When using Yoga as medicine, a detailed holistic assessment of each client is done—evaluating all aspects of health —and then a personalized yoga program is provided.

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