Lis Kunzi

Lis Kunzi | Reflexology | Reflexologist | Calgary Sports Health and PerformanceThroughout her career, Lis Kunzi has been dedicated to caring for others. She became interested in reflexology, an ancient healing system, about fifteen years ago when her focus shifted away from traditional medicine to the holistic approaches offered by complementary and alternative therapies. Born in Canada, but growing up in Denmark, Lis has traveled the world seeking out adventures, growing spiritually and seeking enlightenment. While living in South Africa, where she was married and had two children, Lis was accredited with the International Academy of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy. After moving back to Canada in 2007, practicing reflexology became her passion. As a Canadian Registered Reflexology Therapist, Lis treats people who are struggling to live pain-free, whether they have sore feet, muscles, and joints or are depressed, stressed or anxious.

Lis is an avid traveller, loves reading a good book, Nordic walking, and enjoys preparing simple yet nutritious meals to remain healthy and attuned with the good things in life. She enjoys special moments with family and friends.

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