At Calgary Sports Health & Performance, our Reflexology Therapist offers reflexology treatments, including Indian Head Massage and Indian Foot Massage.

Reflexology works with the central nervous system. It is a form of bodywork where gentle pressure and massage are applied to specific areas or reflex points in the ears, hands, and feet. When the reflex points in these extremities are targeted, it transmits a calming message to the central nervous system, which in turn signals the body to adjust its pain, stress, and tension levels. The aim is to induce overall relaxation, allowing internal organs and their systems to function optimally. Reflexology is an effective and non-evasive method used for the treatment of many conditions, including: foot pain (e.g., Plantar Fasciitis), pain in the shoulders, neck, back, muscles, and joints. It helps improve some physiological issues as well such as: depression, anxiety, and lack of concentration. Reflexology can help pregnant women by reducing many of their symptoms including: nausea, fatigue, and constipation. And, reflexology can also free colicky babies from: digestive issues, sleeplessness, sore gums while teething, and diarrhea. Our Reflexology Therapist works to bring your entire body back into balance, and tones our systems, so that it can repair and nurture itself into well-being.

Emerging out of India where Ayurveda, the ancient system of Indian medicine, was developed, Indian Head Massage and Indian Foot massage are also offered.  Indian Head Massage aims at massaging the face, head and scalp, neck, shoulders, and upper back and arms to relieve pain and stress. By thoroughly massaging these areas, our Reflexology Therapist treats the whole body by breaking down knots and nodules in muscle tissue, stimulating better blood flow and circulation. Indian Head Massage is designed to relieve: eye strain, tension headaches, and the onset of migraines, ear and jaw aches, tinnitus, and sinus congestion.

Indian Foot Massage is a therapy that focuses on massaging the soles of the feet and lower legs to relieve stress and tension, and aims to re-balance the body’s entire energy flow. Its designed to: improve joint mobility, alleviate nervousness and depression, and generate the conditions for a sound sleep.


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