Private Yoga

Traditionally, yoga was a system designed to remove human suffering, the earliest forms included breath control and meditation. Over the centuries, many practices have been added, including what we commonly practice today. 

Ghosh Yoga was developed in Calcutta India by Bishnu Charan Ghosh and Parmahansa Yogananda, and brought to North America is the 1930’s. It was intended to be accessible to everyone and has been used as a form of therapy for nearly a century. This system of yoga is simple and clear; efficiently healing the body, reducing stress, and quieting the mind. As yoga has gained popularity, many of the therapeutic benefits have been ignored in favour of athletic ability and physical fitness. 

The practice of yoga postures/asanas makes the body strong and flexible, improves balance, coordination, circulation, respiration, digestion, body awareness, and reduces stress. As you become stronger and more flexible, aches and pains may disappear.

Yoga was traditionally taught one on one. Private lessons will focus on the simpleness of the postures that are appropriate for you and their use in stretching, strengthening and healing your body and mind. Our instructors encourage self-realization, reflection, and healing as you cultivate discipline, determination, and manifestation. The aim is to improve your health without posing much risk of injury. It is not required that you are strong or flexible, the only requirement is that you are willing and have a desire to improve your physical and mental heath. What you can learn in one hour of one on one could take months in a group class setting.

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